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Proclamation & Certificate Request Form


    On April 27, 2022, the City Council adopted Resolution No. 6237 establishing a policy regarding requests for City Proclamations and Certificates for Groups, Individuals and other matters.

    Permissible Subjects of City Proclamations and Certificates. The Mayor may consider requests for proclamations and certificates on the following subjects;

    A. Matters of Significance and/or matters that impact citizens and businesses in the City or in the region.

    B. Requests are submitted by public entities on whose board the City has a voting member.

    C. Requests to honor businesses that are located in the City, service or philanthropic organizations that provide a significant level of service to residents or businesses in the City, and sports teams based in Maywood, upon the accomplishment of noteworthy achievements, programs, or milestones.

    D. Requests to honor the life of a long-time and/or prominent Maywood resident upon their death.

    E. Requests to honor city officials, employees, and consultants for their achievements or milestones of service.

    F. Requests to honor public officials from other public entities who have served on boards, committees, or commissions on which members of the Maywood City Council also serve, upon the completion of their term of office or chairmanship.

    Impermissible Subjects of City Proclamations and Certificates. City staff shall not process requests for proclamations or certificates on the following subjects:

    A. Requests to support candidates for elected public office or of a religious or political nature.

    B. Campaigns or events that are contrary to City policies.

    Processing of Request.

    A. All requests for City proclamations and certificates by members of the public, including members of the City Council and City Staff, shall be submitted to the City Manager, who shall review the request for compliance within the scope of permissible subjects. The City Manager shall forward to the Mayor for his/her approval only those requests which are within the scope of permissible subjects as provided in above. The Mayor shall review and either approve or disapprove the request.

    B. The City Manager shall place on the City Council agenda for presentation only those proclamations and certificates approved by the Mayor. Notwithstanding, in lieu of presenting the proclamation or certificate at a City Council meeting, the proclamation or certificate may be mailed to the requestor at their request or at the discretion of the Mayor or City Manager.

    C. Requests shall be submitted to the City Manager's Office no less than fourteen (14) days prior to the City Council meeting at which the item is to be presented to the requestor. Exceptions to the deadline may be granted by the City Manager, provided that sufficient time is permitted to place the item on the agenda of the City Council meeting. Any proclamation or certificate prepared under this policy shall list the Mayor as the person issuing the proclamation or certificate on behalf of the City.

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    Another method to submit your request is by  emailing Shirley Quinones at  If you need assistance please call (323) 562-5714.

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