Tri-City Mutual Water

Water Conservation Restrictions

The State of California adopted an emergency regulation for water conservation, that small water suppliers are mandated to follow. The emergency regulation prohibits the following:

  • No outdoor watering between 9am - 6pm.
  • No water should flow off of your property.
  • No water should leak from any pipe or fixture.
  • No watering within 48 hours after a measurable rain event.
  • No hosing of driveway or sidewalk.
  • No washing of vehicles using a hose without a self-closing nozzle. 

The following rules are being implemented as well to monitor outdoor usage of water. Outdoor irrigation for landscape/garden is restricted to two days per week:

  • Addresses ending in even numbers may water responsibly on: Monday and Thursday
  • Addresses ending in odd numbers may water responsibly on: Tuesday and Friday


If you receive a warning notice, there will be no fine for the first one. Second warning/notices will have a fine of $25.00 added to your bill. Third and up will have a fine of $50.00 and up.

Water Conservation Tips:

  • Identify water leaks and fix immediately.
  • Reduce shower time by 5 minutes.
  • Wash only full loads of laundry and dishes.
  • Turn off water while brushing teeth.
  • Wash vehicles at a car wash.

If everyone as a community does their part, we will not have to go into another stage, which will require adding Tiers and higher water rates.

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