Drought Information

Current Conditions

All of California's 58 counties are under a drought emergency proclamation. On January, February, and March 2022 California experienced the driest on record dating back over 100 years. Californians are being asked to reduce their water by 15% over 2020. By following conservation water tips, we can make a huge difference in protecting this resource.

The City of Maywood continues to work alongside its residents and business to comply with our water companies to ensure we all get through this drought together. The water companies of Maywood have created water conservation restrictions to help us all. You can find your water company and their contact information below. 

How to Save Water

Follow the watering schedule:

  • All residents and business must follow their water districts schedule.
  • All residents and business have a specific water company with their own guidelines. Below is a map which can help resident and business contact their water company. 

Water saving tips: 

  • Follow water prohibition hours.
  • No excess runoff.
  • No use of decorative water fountain or ponds unless recirculation water is utilized. 
  • No washing your car without a bucket of water and an automatic shut off nozzle on the house. 
  • No outdoor watering for 48 hours after it rains. 

Maywood's Water Companies Map 

Maywood Water Map