Pre-Sale Inspections

Pre-sale Inspections are conducted to protect new owners against illegal construction modifications to a property. Call (323) 562-5723 to begin the pre-sale process. 

In order to begin the pre-sale Inspection process you must fill out the pre-sale application form and turn it in to the City Planner with the $110 application fee. Once you submit the application, the planner will set a pre-sale Inspection appointment for the property. Inspections are are conducted Tuesdays and Thursday from 1-4. The inspector and planner will arrive to the property and the agent and/or seller are expected to be there to provide access or answers to questions the inspector or planner might have. Once the inspection is finalized, a report will drafted. The turn around time for the report ranges from 2-3 weeks. Once the report is completed, the planner will contact the main point of contact who submitted the application, and they must receive both the buyers and the sellers signature. Once all signatures are gathered they will return the report to the planner. The City will keep the original documents and you may request a copy for your own records. 

Disclaimer: The pre-sale application is valid for a 6 month period. Failure to not complete the inspection or return the original copy of the report will result in the application being void. Once the application is void you must restart the process and re-pay the $110 fee.

  1. Calvin Ko

    Assistant Planner