Residential Recycling

AB 1826: Mandatory Organics Recycling

AB 1826: Mandatory Organics Recycling (PDF)

Organic recycling is the separation of biodegradable food waste from non-organic waste to create compost or renewable energy. Organics recycling also prevents harmful greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere and contributing to global warming. For more information call 800-631-7016 or visit the Universal Waste Systems website.

What Goes in the Cart?

Recycling Maywood (PDF)

In an effort to recycle our trash and make sure we get the right waste to the right place, Universal Waste Systems use a three can system for residential trash, recycling and green waste services. Sometimes knowing what waste can go into what may seem a bit confusing so we have provided a list to help you. Note that some items, such as Bamboo, Ivy, and Palm Fronds which can cause damage to processing equipment, are not listed under Green Waste as they are categorized as trash. Please note that contaminated carts will be red-tagged and not serviced.

Recycling Yes and No