Mosquito Abatement

The California governmental agency is committed to promoting community health, comfort, and welfare through effective and responsive vector control. The vector control professionals are experts in mosquito abatement operations, disease surveillance, and public health outreach. They serve 34 cities and areas of Los Angeles County.

Mosquitoes are Still a Problem!

Mosquitoes love the summer just as much as we do. Throughout the County, residents are now dealing with two different types of mosquitoes - our native Culex mosquito and the invasive Aedes mosquito. While our native mosquito can transmit West Nile virus, the invasive Aedes mosquito is an aggressive, day-time biter constantly infesting new neighborhoods by finding sources as small as a spoonful of water and leaving eggs that can be viable for years. 

Only female mosquitoes bite because they use the protein in our blood to develop the eggs. Each female mosquito can lay hundreds of eggs in stagnant water inside and outside your home, and those eggs can hatch and develop into adults in as little as five days. Yikes!