Animal License

County of Los Angeles Animal Care and ControlThe City of Maywood contracts with the County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control (DACC)  and is one of the largest and most progressive animal control agencies in the United States. Our seven animal care centers serve unincorporated Los Angeles County and 47 contract cities with a combined total population of over 3 million residents. We cover more than 3,400 square miles of cities, deserts, beaches, and mountains: from the Antelope Valley in the north to the Palos Verdes Peninsula in the south, as far east as the border of San Bernardino County, and west to Thousand Oaks. We provide animal control and rescue services in our service areas 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

DACC Programs and Services 

The Animal Care Center DACC offers a variety of programs and services such as lowcost spaying/neutering, pet licensing, vaccinations, microchips, adoption programs, etc. 

Pet Licensing

DACC suspended its field license enforcement operations and reassigned officers to perform these duties from the ACCs at the onset of COVID-19. Enforcement continues through the mail, email, and telephone contact with pet owners. Online licensing has been expanded so pet owners can license their pets without the need to come to an ACC. Pet Licenses Details.

For residents who wish to purchase or renew pet license, please visit the online portal at:

Los Angeles County Animal Care & Control Registration

Lost Pets

People who found an animal or have lost their pet are encouraged to speak to their local Animal Care Center (DACC). Residents are encouraged to check the ACC database to search for a lost pet. For further information regarding lost pets, please visit If-you-lost-you pet.



Pet owners considering surrendering their pets should delay doing so, if possible. If this is not possible, please call your local Animal Care Center (DACC) for more information.


Adoptions & Pet Redemptions

Our animal care centers offer a wide variety of potential pets for you to choose from. Most of our animals are either strays or pets, turned in by owners who are no longer able to keep them. The added benefit of adopting is the satisfaction of having saved the life of a shelter animal.

Please visit the DACC website for information regarding adoptions, lost and found animals, or any other services. You can call DACC in (Downey) at (562) 940-6898 for a service request.