City Council


  • 6 pm
  • 4th Wednesday
  • City Hall
    City Council Chambers
    4319 E Slauson Avenue
    Maywood, CA 90270

COVID-19 Meeting Procedures

Meetings will be conducted pursuant to the provisions of Government Code Section 54953(e) (as amended by AB 361), which authorizes teleconferenced meetings under the Brown Act  in compliance with Government Code Section 54953(e) during a proclaimed State of Emergency.  Members of the City Council and City Staff are permitted to attend the meeting by teleconference and such teleconference locations are not accessible to the public and are not subject to special posting requirements.  Some members of the City Council and staff may attend the meeting at City Hall in the City Council Chambers located at 4319   E. Slauson Avenue.  The City Council Chambers, however, will not be open to the Public.  The meetings will be broadcast using the Zoom platform as well as broadcasted live on the City's Facebook page.

Translation Services Provided

Mayra Aguiluz

Mayor Pro Tempore


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Heber Marquez

Council Member

Mayor Pro Tem Heber Marquez

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Eddie De La Riva

Council Member

Council Member Eddie De La Riva

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Jessica Torres

Council Member

Council Member Jessica Torres

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