City Clerk

The Office of the City Clerk is committed to providing courteous and professional customer service. The City Clerk attends all meetings of the City Council and serves as the secretary of record, and is responsible for keeping accurate minutes of such proceedings. The City Clerk position is an elected, part-time position.

We do NOT provide Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, or Marriage Licenses.  For those services, please contact the Los Angeles County Recorder's office through their website at

Public Records Requests

Visit the Public Records Request page for more information about requesting public records.

Proclamation/Certificate Requirements and Request Form

Would you like to submit a proclamation or a certificate request? Visit the Proclamation/Certificate Page

Services Provided by the City Clerk

The following are examples of typical services provided by the Office of the City Clerk:

  • General Duties: The Office of the City Clerk posts public notices and maintains documents certifying municipal actions such as agendas, minutes, ordinances, and resolutions. The Office of the City Clerk is responsible for the retention and destruction of official records in accordance with applicable laws.
  • City Claim for Damages: To file a claim with the City for an injury or damages to personal property. Please fill out the City Claim Form (PDF) and return to the City Clerk's office or City Hall.
  • City Council Minutes: The preparation of the minutes of each City Council meeting is the responsibility of the City Clerk. All minutes shall be posted on the City's website following City Council approval.
  • Elections: The Office of the City Clerk provides general information regarding voter registration and posts election outcomes on the City's website.
  • Fair Political Practices Commission Statements: The Office of the City Clerk receives filings of campaign reports and statements of economic interest for designated employees, independent contractors, and elected officials.
  • Meeting Agendas: The Office of the City Clerk is responsible for posting all City Council, Housing Authority, and Successor Agency meeting agendas in a timely manner as prescribed by law.
  • Municipal Code: The Office of the City Clerk maintains and records all ordinances and resolutions approved by the City Council and is responsible for the codification of ordinances.
  • Public Official Appointments: Documentation of appointments to boards and committees, including California Form 806 (PDF).