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1. How can I get a parking permit?
For a two week temporary you need to provide the vehicle license plate number and make of the vehicle. Only two temporary permits will be issued.

For the year permit you need to bring a current car registration with a CA ID, Driver License, Matricula Consular issued to your Maywood address, if it does not have your Maywood address you can provide a gas or light bill under your name and address. The cost of the permit is $10.00.

2. How can I get a yard sale permit?
Yard sales are the first Friday and Saturday of each month. If you are not the property owner you must bring a written letter from the owner or manager authorizing you the yard sale. If you are the owner bring your current ID. The cost of the permit is $11.50.

3. Can I pay a citation by phone/credit card?
No we don’t accept credit card payments or payments by phone. Mail in your payment or pay in person by cash or check.

4. Can I get an extension on a citation?
Yes, contact us by phone or in person. One extension is allowed before the ticket expires and we will extend your due date.

5. What is the fee on a correction for a ticket?
$8.00 (cash only). We do not correct CHP (California Highway Patrol) tickets you must go to a highway patrol station. Corrections are done before 4:00 pm daily.

6. Do I need a parking permit for the weekends?
Yes, a parking permit is required in the City of Maywood everyday including weekends and holidays from 2:00 – 6:00 am.

7. Do visitors need a permit?
Yes, they can be issued a temporary permit at the city hall. During after hours contact the Police Department at (323) 562-5005, please record Dispatchers name.

8. What can I do if I get a ticket and I did not know I needed a permit or I just moved to the area?
You can dispute your ticket with in 30 days. Please contact us for an administrative review form.

9. How much time do I have to pay my ticket?
Pay your ticket within 30 days to avoid a $25.00 late charge or DMV hold on your vehicle registration.

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